Yadàsah is a company that empowers people globally through fashion and art. We do this by partnering with entrepreneurs from around the world and helping them kick start their business in their country. 

Currently we are partnering with a Haitian woman, Yvane Remy, that lives in the capital Port au Prince, by helping her re-open her beauty salon. In 2019 through our company she was able to open her beauty salon. However, the situation in Haiti has made it difficult for her to go out of her house and feel safe. 

Yvane is in need of prayer and support! Her dream is to help the women in her city and the outskirts of Haiti where there is not much food and water. If you would like to contribute towards her cause you are already doing so by purchasing from our store! Other ways to partner with us is through her gofundme and through prayer. 

Thank you for partnering with us and contributing towards reaching a goal to not only help change the lives of men, women and children, but to also take a part in uplifting the economy in partnering countries.